Technology Center

Technology Center

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Technology Center


Established in July 2002, the company's technology center has 26 technical staff, including 22 senior level staff of engineering and technical research and engineering design, of which 2 are PhDs and 5 hold master's degrees; the center has 3 experts in inorganic materials scientists and high-temperature materials, and 3 professor level senior engineers specializing in refractories and thermal engineering. A total of 26 people, of which 6 hold bachelors’ degrees, make up a professional R & D team. The center also has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with domestic and international research Units such as Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research (LIRR), Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou University and Henan University of Science and Technology to make product development; moreover, the center absorbs and introduces high-quality professional and technical personnel, and continuously develops high-tech products that meet market needs. The Technical Center’s R & D and testing area isabout 2,800 square meters; in order to improve the level of R & D, the company is equipped with precision testing and analysis equipment and experimental equipment such as high temperature bending test instrument, high temperature pressure tester, high temperature abrasion tester, high temperature dilatometer, hot-wirethermo-conductivity meter, plane table thermo-conductivity meter, thermalgravimetricanalyzer, air permeability tester, apparent pore density tester, true density measurementhigh temperature re-firing furnace, refractory test furnaces and high temperature RUL testers; in addition, it has established computer information management system.

The Technical Center of the company will continue to adhere to the spirit of “diligence, pragmatism, perseverance and dedication” and keep a close watch on the changing situation of domestic and international refractory market as well as the development trend of refractory and steel technologies at home and abroad. With the goal of building a first-class technical center, and with R & D, new technologies and the applications of new technologies as the key, we will strengthen investments in science and technology and the construction of qualified personnel, continuously improve the independent R & D capabilities and provide continuous technical support to enhance our core competitiveness and innovation capability.



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